Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Interview

After having a late night snack I have decided to post a little something. Usually my day ends with a quick recap so after going over today's events I've come to the conclusion: One can receive confirmation about life decisions at any given moment...

Since Thursday I have been nervous because I was called to interview for a position that I really want(ed). Well, after all of the anxiety the interview came and went. I was meeting the Unit Manager at 9:00am...but of course I wanted to arrive early. So at 8:40 I let the secretary know I had arrived...she then calls the manager only to get no answer. I'm thinking "maybe today is a busy day and she is working on the floor" I decide to empty my bladder before I go to her office. When I came out of the restroom the secretary called her again and told me the manager was on her way down. So I'm waiting another 10 minutes. Now, the manager calls back to say she wants me to meet her on the ground floor. It is 3 minutes after 9 and at this point I'm a tad bit irritated. Whatever...I let it roll off my back...

I finally shake her hand and start walking with her to her office. At this point we are making small talk and she is really looking me up and down. Surprisingly I wasn't intimidated or nervous at all I'm just wondering why she seems to be fascinated. We get to the office and have a sit down. She starts to go over my resume with me and then the interview begins. I am being asked the typical questions with scenarios...etc and I am tackling them like nobody's business. I have to give myself a pat on the back because in certain situations I get EXTREMELY nervous. This was the best part of the interview because the rest Anyway, next we discussed my availability. Now the position is full-time and I would prefer to work 3 12-hour shifts. Well it seems they would prefer you to work 4 10-hour shifts or 5 8-hour shifts. Cool. I can do the 4 days although it would be pushing it...but I'm like OKAY. So once I tell her this she starts to question my availabilty down the road. Clinicals start (by God's will) in the spring and my schedule will be hectic...I definitely won't be able to do 4 days then, but I'm telling her I can't really say because I don't know what the clinical schedule will be as of yet. She continues to question it and I guess you can say that's when I started to get turned off. That and 45 minutes of her looking me up and down...up and down. LOL...this may read as me "tripping", but there are times when you get that sign, feeling, whatever you want to call it, that you may not be experiencing something for the reason you initially thought.

Through all of that I made sure to leave her with the impression that I would be available and that I was indeed interested in the position. I also thanked her kindly for her time. Then she had the Assistant Manager show me the unit. During the tour I asked a good amount of questions...there was nothing I needed to know I just wanted to get a feel for her personality and for her to get a feel for mine. After she answered my inquiries I kindly thanked her as well. In reference to looking me up and down I KNOW she expected me to look a little more "average" which I think is sad. I'm not hyping myself up by any means, but sometimes you just KNOW when people expect "someone else" to walk through the door. So now what? Well once I got outside and sat for a moment I realized that this job may not be for me. School is my priority and I also realized how much I love school and how bad I want to achieve my goal of completing this program. I feel as if this interview may have simply been for "life experience" nothing more. I definitely put all of my trust into my Father and believe that God will show me what is right for me and place me where I need to be. I currently work at this hospital and I also see that I AM content with my current job. I get to interact with children everyday I'm there and this new position will not allow for patient interaction so that's a huge sacrifice...for me. As I always say life is unpredictable so who knows what may happen, but in the mean time I will continue to focus on my educational goals. I am thankful for the revelations and having peace of mind once again. It's in God's hands. :-)
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