Saturday, December 26, 2009


Today I would like to discuss a topic that I usually put on the back

Dating has not been on my "to do" list since 8 or 9 years ago. I have dated off and on over the years, but it often seems to be more work than fun.

I have never been fond of the "go out and get him" tactic. I am one of the people in this world who truly believes things happen when they are supposed to. Now I'm not saying I believe you should sit back and wait on thunder claps and lightning bolts to notify you of Mr. Right's arrival, but I am saying I don't see the benefit it trying to sniff out Mr. Right on a daily basis. It seems people continuously overlook him when using this method.

A dating suggestion I have heard about is dating 3-4 men simultaneously. According to Cindy Lu, author of The Four Man Plan, "date four men at a time while trying to find the man of your dreams". This seems a little backwards to me because I do not see how one can really get to know one man while talking to 3 other men at the same time. Although I cannot see the benefits I will not knock it until I try it; and that leads to my next point.

Have you ever noticed several people being interested in the same time? Life is funny...well, at least mine is. I go through dry spells of 0 interested men and then out of nowhere several are trying to get my attention. It's easy to weed out the ones I have absolutely no interest in, but when there are more than 2 remaining, things get really complicated, really fast! Factor in the time of the year e.g. winter and that adds to the confusion. The next thing you know you are questioning intentions because everyone wants to be boo'd up when it's cold outside. Right?

So I have 4 potential suitors...hold on, let me check my math...ha, I'm kidding. Let me give a brief description of each.

1. Met him through his cousin, very nice young man, respectable, driven, educated, has very strong religious views, no children

2. Nice guy who has showed interest for a while, never took him seriously, jealous tendencies, hard worker, has children

3. An old friend, admirable, educated, accomplished, respectful, we grew apart i.e. LIFE, but now seem to have the same life interests, no children

4. Guy from high school, very sweet, limited conversational skills, satisfied with his life/career, no children

The first man I am crossing off the list is #4. He does not communicate effectively at all. He works constantly and admits he does not have much of a life outside of work. Additionally he wishes to retire from his current job...40 years from now and has no desire to further his education. As I stated, he is VERY sweet, but sweet words can only go so far.

So now I'm down to three. #1 sparks my interest, I am enjoying getting to know him, #2 makes me feel like I'm talking to a "homeboy", he's just a cool person who keeps me laughing, but I have not gotten to the point where I take him seriously...maybe with time; and oh those "jokes" he throws out that I view as masked truths. Finally, #3 provides comfort because he is familiar to me, but we both have changed over the years. I'm trying to get to know him all over again.

I will keep you all updated on what happens. :)

So, how do you feel about dating more than one person at a time? Share your experiences!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sex War

Sex War

Sounds of rain beating against the window pane become the soundtrack of this intimate, intricate sexual battle

I lie face down as he marks his territory, placing soft kisses on the nape of my neck

He works his way toward the small of my back, which arches as lips of velvet are pressed against creamy brown skin

He confidently slips inside

Moans indicate a pleasurable ride, reverberating as he conquers

I reposition…

Mountain peaks against sheets, ass facing the sky

He pulls me closer from behind and beats my drum until honey trickles down my thighs

Refusing to be defeated I pin him down and give him a taste of his own medicine

My lips grasp him tightly, squeezing from base to tip

Wrapping circles around his anaconda, his body, his mind

Unrelenting grips cause drops of milk to drench my blooming flower

Hearts race

My head lies against his chest

Breathlessly I manage to utter

“Are you ready for what’s next?”

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