Sunday, April 22, 2007

When it Hits Home

Last night I was informed that my cousins' aunt has been missing since Thursday. According to her co-workers, she left work Thursday morning and according to her husband, she never made it home. Thursday night she did not report to work. It is now Sunday night and, as far as I know, she has not been found. Last night my cousin told me that her aunt's husband was asked to come in to identify a body. I have not heard anything we all sit and wait. My cousins' aunt is like family to me as well. Although I have not seen her in years I still have fond memories of her picking me and my cousins up to visit her and their grandma. She treated me as if I were her niece as well. I am so disturbed because I have not heard anything new today and I just want everything to end on a good note. Lord, please let her be okay. Let her come home, or at least call.

I have no more words right now, I am just speechless.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

My Recent Hiatus

Friday, March 16th, I went to the ER for the worst case of gas I've ever had. LOL, don't laugh it's funny now, but talk about SERIOUS pain. I didn't know what brought it on, but my stomach was huge, full of air, to the point I was barely walking. None of the OTC medications I bought were working and I didn't get a wink of sleep so I went to the ER.

After sitting in the Emergency Room for several hours the doctor tells me I am going to be admitted b/c my hemoglobin is extremely low (around 5). Well this is b/c of a blood disorder that I have so I wasn't surprised I was being admitted. I wouldn't want to go home with a hemoglobin of 5 anyway...that's dangerously low.

Well within 24 hours I'm being told that I may have to have surgery before I am discharged. I'm like WHAT? Now, the surgery has NOTHING to do with the blood disorder so I'm completely shocked. I'm crying by day 7 because they are still saying I will more than likely have to have surgery. There is no way I want to have another surgery. I've had 3 already, but at this point I really didn't have a choice. So I prayed and although I had the surgery everything went well. THANK GOD!

I just got home Thursday so I am recuperating. If I'm not around much don't be surprised, NOT because I am passed out somewhere lol I am actually feeling just fine and want to exercise, but I know it's too soon. I am not sure what the next few weeks will be like though because I know that life goes on and there is so much going on right now that I MUST pick back up and keep moving. I really don't have time to sit around. I just wanted to let you all know why I've been MIA.

Thanks for any concern,
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