Friday, February 27, 2009


My locs pretty much look the same. They are much more trained, however, and are growing at a steady pace. I colored my roots around the middle of this month and that's about it!

Locs in Motion :)

I didn't wear headwraps much this winter, but I still love them!

Until next time...*Toodles*

Sunday, February 08, 2009

25 Random Facts

Here are a few facts about me (taken from my facebook)...

1. My favorite color is lavender

2. I love dogs

3. Cats are okay

4. I never stop dreaming

5. I am falling in love with ice cream

6. Cooking is pleasurable

7. I am artisic

8. I love gospel, neosoul, reggae, and r&b (oldies)

9. I think this note is stupid

10. I am bored at the moment

11. Midnight Pomegranate is one of the best frangrances in the world!!!

12. I am a "girly" girl

13. I love my (dread)locs

14. I hate when people ask me is my hair loc'd

15. No, I'm not planning on cutting them anytime soon!

16. I take pictures of almost everything ROFL

17. I lose interest in people quickly

18. I love watching First 48 and almost anything on HGTV (house hunters, property virgins, etc.)

19. I CANNOT sing

20. I bite my lip habitually

21. I am cranky when I first wake up!!!

22. I have many goals, but allow God to lead me

23. I am very observant, although I pretend not to be

24. I am a procrastinator (It doesn't get me in trouble and I meet deadlines, but I'm working on it!)

25. I love my life!!!
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