Wednesday, July 25, 2007

On the up and up...

I've prayed for a few things that have come to pass and I am SO thankful for new opportunities. They always say "be careful what you pray for" and I am a firm believer that one should not pray in vain. There are two specific things I prayed for in regards to my education, getting accepted into a program at my current college OR the opportunity to return to a college I transferred from. Low and behold I am blessed with both! The Lord works in mysterious ways and I have decided to take on both. The first will allow me to fulfill a short term goal and the latter, a long term goal. This has made me realize that sometimes God wants more for us than we want for ourselves.

I am also launching one of two projects. It's part of another long term goal and I am very excited for it is one of my passions. Busy, busy, busy. I'm just so grateful for the time, talent, and tenacity to fulfill some of my goals. Glory be to God!
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