Sunday, May 27, 2007

This Too Shall Pass

Certain trials seem neverending! School, work, home, forget SOME, they ALL seem neverending!!! I know I have to let go and let God. I cannot walk into any blessings without God leading me. I must listen to Him and do what it is He wants me too. I must stay focused and push THROUGH all adversity. I know I will be on top in the end because I DO have faith. I'm just ready for a change. The thing that hurts the most is being forced to face the reality that those closest to you can do you in! I never in a million years expected this...NEVER. The one person who told me I could always lean on them...although there's not much leaning on my end...has turned their back on me.

What Lies Beneath

I never expected this from YOU of all people
You are NO different from the rest
Trying to keep me bound

Never knew you had scum and vile tendencies
I'm living out my dreams, crab
Stop trying to pull me down

Does my tenacity bother you
Or is it about control?
Jump when you say jump
Not I, I live in my own mold

I am surprised, but I guess I shouldn't be
You are the one who said “put faith not in man”
And now you’re manifesting it for me
I’m hurt, dismayed, and all of the above
Because you are the one person who showed unconditional love

Everything must come to an end...
I guess
And I guess I'm naïve for expecting you to be better than the rest.

Through all of this there is one comfort...knowing that this too shall pass!
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