Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Innumerable Fires

As I sit in this room
Filled with background noises
The fan humming, television going
All I can hear is


Soft murmurs of reassurance
As you give me that "okay" touch
Reminding me that you don't require much

As each breath escapes your lips
Fingertips gently explore
Causing a wiggle in my hips

A double dose of caramel
What could be sweeter?
You don't plan to stop
And I don't want you to either

I wildly begin to pulsate
My river runs as you unlock the gate
You fit me like a hand in glove
And with every thrust I get a taste of your love

I confirm my pleasure with an audible moan
Causing you to reach deeper
You feel so damn good we gotta pause this sex
Only for me to take the reigns next

Your back arches as I commence my pole dance
These hoola-hoopin' hips have got you in a trance
You spank me on the rear
To inform me that your peak is near
Shortly after, you climax

We catch our breaths
And our hearts beat as one
And to think
We're not nearly done...

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