Saturday, April 04, 2009

19 Month Update

Time is really flying. I cannot believe I've been loc'd for 19 months now. *Happy Dance* My hair looks the same and although it's still growing, I think the growth has slowed down for now.

Okay, if anyone else is having the following issue, please let me know how you've handled it. Everytime I wash my locs they tend to marry one another. This has only been happening over the last few months. I only retwist my hair after it fully dries (I do, however, spritz the roots when I retwist because I KNOW not to twist on dry hair). While my hair is drying, after a wash, I am constantly separating my locs so they don't loc together, but they still do! At the root that is. I tried something different. I used to always wear bantu knot-outs when I wanted to curl my locs and I never had this issue then. So when I washed my hair this time I decided to put my hair into bantu knots to dry. I wasn't going for the curly look, but this method of drying my hair seemed to help with the marrying issue a lot! Each loc is still separate although I haven't retwisted them. What works for you guys?

In other news, I am pleased to say that I was finally able to put my locs into one french braid w/o using an excessive amount of pins. I never pin my hair up (laziness), but I will have to start now. That is because *drumroll* I was accepted into a nursing program finally! YES!!! Let's take a moment to celebrate! Hahaha! I have to have my hair off my collar for clinical so I'm glad I finally can pin it up. My hair is so thick y'all. When I've attempted ponytails before I could only do one in the top of my head, but last night I was able to finally put my hair into a low ponytail. Hooray for another loc accomplishment, lol.

Here are a few pics, including some fr
om my recent vacation (Hilton Head Island, South Carolina) enjoy and thanks for reading!


Coligny Beach

My son, the prince :)

Hair Photos:

Bantu Knot-Out

French Braid




hott as always. u look fabulous.

Bsquared86 said...

Congratualtions on the nursing program! And the ponytail!

Great pics, too!

I hvenr really had the marrying problem at the roots, but a few of my smaller locs like to cling to each other after washing, LOL.

vernessie said...

Yours pics are fabulous and your locs are GORGEOUS! I french braid my locks in about four rows going to the back of my head before washing and that helps my locs from marrying.

Don't Be a Slut said...

Congrats! My locs tend to marry after washing. Periodically, while the hair is still wet, I just grab adjacent locs and pull them in different directions to separate them.

msfullroller said...

Your locs are beautiful! I gently go through mine when I wash as I'm also oiling my scalp. I also finger comb since I spritz everyday. It helps a bit.

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