Saturday, May 09, 2009

Breaking Bad Habits

The two rules of procrastination:

1) Do it today.
2) Tomorrow will be today tomorrow.

Hello readers,

So, I've made it through another week of school. It's already midterm point...for the first quarter; things are moving right along. I would update more frequently, but I virtually have no life! lol Although I'm doing well in my classes, I have an issue with procrastination. OMG, I would like to nip this in the bud now, but I just can't seem to.
All week I'm in class and when you factor in the commute my days are pretty full. I get up before dawn, make it home around 3:30 or 4:00, eat dinner, read over material, and go to bed. The weekend is an entirely different story. My Saturdays go something like this:

~Wake up

~Eat breakfast

~Check e-mail

~Think to self *I have a lot of time to study today*

~Think about what a peaceful day it is

~Contemplate watching a movie

~Listen to music online (to help me study)

~Listen to every related song suggested (imeem)

~Check Facebook again

~Check a couple of messageboards

~Catch up on blogs :)
~Fix lunch

~Clean the house (this allows for a more conducive study environment right?)

~Check online sites one more time

~Turn on the radio

~Eat Dinner

~Think about how exhausted I am

~Go to bed

~Repeat on Sunday

LOL! So as you see, I accomplish NOTHING on the weekend. It's like I work best under pressure. For instance, I have never been able to type a paper ahead of time. Do any of you procrastinate on a regular basis? How can one break this habit?


Anonymous said...

What you need is a To Do List
write down in order which is most important to you and as you accomplish each task you cross it off your list....Hope this helps.
Never put off what you can do today for tomorrow...
Procrastination is a stealer of time
I Motivate..:)

Enchantress said...

Thank you kindly! :)

Laetitia :-) said...

Hi, I found your blog via "Don't Be A Slut". My Saturdays sound rather similar. :-)

Right now my list for today includes gym, make cakes, plant tomato seedlings, practice sax, make flyers, grocery shopping, make lunch & dinner, work on assignment 2, visit friend in nursing home...all before going out tonight.

What am I actually doing? Browsing the web and checking e-mails! :-)

What's your course of study?

I'm doing a Dip. of Accounting through an institute that offers it via Open Learning. That means that you can enrol at any time and have 6 months to get each subject done - hand in the assignments whenever you like up to about 3 weeks before the end of your 6 months (to give them time to mark them).

For me it's harder to do it this way than regular study for a couple of reasons: (1) unlike with specific dates for assignments I have to try to work out when in the six months I need to have done certain things by (like assignment 1 to get assignment 2 in in time...) without already knowing in advance how long all the activities are going to take and (2) every time I've done part-time study it's because I'm also working, so I'm trying to juggle (too) many things at once!

All the best with it!

Secret Diary said...

Cure for procrastination: "Do It, NOW" or "Act, NOW" ((Not tomorrow))

Don't Be a Slut said...

I've learned over time that sometimes you have to just honor your own creative process. Maybe you just need to admit that you don't work on the weekends instead of trying to force yourself to do it and then still not doing it.

BTW, thank you for giving me the Kreativ award a few weeks back.

I've finally paid it forward on my site, see my 5/17 blog post.

Enchantress said...

Laetitia, I'm in nursing school. WOW @ 6 months to do your assignments, lol...sounds like a nice option, but I NEED weekly deadlines. I just can't figure out how to actually get things done ahead of time. It's like I work well under pressure and enjoy it! It's not a problem right now, I'm just scared it will catch up with me eventually.

Secret Diary, great advice!!! I'm going to actually do some house work today...then study although I would rather do it tomorrow. :-)

DBAS, that is a good approach. I like your way of thinking, lol! And you're more than welcome for the award, you deserve it!!!

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