Thursday, December 14, 2006

That Last Saturday Was...Mmmm

Saturday night was ecstasy. I reached peaks that I had not reached in a long time due to the mental control I have over my body. I finally decided not to hold back and just go with the flow...NO PUN INTENDED.

I had been a mollusk holding my pearl
Because I am not a fly by night girl
This treasure represents many a thing
Not just the physical, but my mental, which was cluttered, not clean
Many thoughts were crowding my head
but I surpressed the emotions and ranted I am a conqueror instead

You took me in your hands, first massaging my skin
There was no turning back, no way did I want this moment to end

Before long infiltration occured
gates opened, all emotion emerged
Getting closer and closer to my peak
Moans passed my lips and I became less meek
Finally, the moment had arrived
I could not hold back, for I was thoroughly enjoying this high
Shackles removed, locks picked
What a wondrous moment, beautiful, EUPHORIC!


ms trini said...

Wow Lucky you! Glad to see you enjoyed your
Good word play.

Ms Trini

Empress Divine said...

all i can say is WOW! ur words, so perfectly chosen! wow!


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