Friday, December 22, 2006

2 Eggs, Scrambled w/ Cheese, a Waffle, and Orange Juice

Here it is 1:50 Friday morning and I just wolfed down breakfast.

Sweet memories...

When I was younger my mom would make me some eggs no matter what the time. She told me to never be afraid to ask for something if I was hungry. Eggs were one of my favorite things to eat as a child and I woke my mom up many nights asking for them. Lately, I have been on a "breakfast for dinner" kick. It brings back memories of my mom cooking pancakes, bacon, and eggs for dinner every once in a while and boy did I think that was a treat. The littlest things make you smile as a child and this was one of my favorite dinners simply because it was different.

Often you hear people say "live life to the fullest" or "live everyday like it was your last", but how many of us really do? When I first heard Tim McGraw's Live Like You Were Dying I knew it would be on repeat because the lyrics rang true. At this point in time I strive to do this as much as possible, but it's the little things that I enjoy most. So while "living like you were dying" is a good thing to do i.e. exotic trips, swimming with the dolphins, etcetera, I feel that the time I spend enjoying everything around me is truly LIVING. This year I have spent more time than ever before reflecting. Reflecting on things that went wrong in the past, why things panned out the way they did, and life in general. I will take the good with me and bury the bad because it IS my past. My mom tells me a lot of things that are true and although I laugh I take her advice most of the time. She has been telling me to "LIVE". For instance, I can say "I just ate dinner so I'll wait a couple of hours before I tear into that peach cobbler, but it looks so good." She will comeback with: "LIVE, eat it." This is why I usually laugh at her. She wants me to do whatever I need to do to stay happy, it's just hilarious how she conveys her points.

I also consider myself a homebody. I thoroughly enjoy relaxing on the couch whilst watching "TV movies" back to back. My phone would ring off the hook when I would do this on the weekend. On the other end there would be one of my friends asking "What are you doing?". When I would tell them exactly what I was doing the response would be "Why? So you're just going to sit in the house and watch movies?" After hearing the same thing over and over I had to explain that I actually enjoy my quiet time and that I don't always have to go out to be entertained.

Everything has it's season so I'm sure there will come a time when my "quiet time" is scaled down. As for right now I'm looking forward to my next plate of cheese eggs with a side of sweet memories.

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