Saturday, July 11, 2009

Forever OUR King: Michael Jackson

Never Can Say Goodbye - The Jackson 5

June 25, 2009


It was a sunny day and I was laying across my bed with the curtains drawn watching television. I happened to flip to CNN and saw a banner across the bottom of the screen stating Michael Jackson had collapsed earlier at his home, was in cardiac arrest and had been transported to a Los Angeles hospital.

I thought to myself "wow...cardiac arrest...but he's so young..."

I followed it up with "he'll be okay" and flipped the channel to what I was previously watching.

Within five minutes every program was interrupted with this breaking news. I sensed something horrid about the report. I began to focus on what was NOT being said. I wondered why there was no comment that CPR had been effective and the King of Pop was recovering. Surely, they would report that ASAP. I began to add the time up in my head...almost an hour had passed since he collapsed in his home. As an EMT I know the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest of nearly an hour are slim to none.

My phone begins to ring and I answer it. I say "hello" and on the other end I hear a deep voice respond with "Michael Jackson died..."
I asked in disbelief "really?" and my friend responds with "Yes, he was DOA". I said "oh, that's messed up" and end the conversation.

Now I cannot digest what has just been said to me. I do not believe it whatsoever. I am flipping between CNN and the local news and all I see and hear is "Michael Jackson in cardiac arrest".

I pause on the local news channel when I see the fancy graphics that spell out BREAKING NEWS seemingly coming out of the television. The news anchor comes on teary-eyed and she reports that Michael Jackson has indeed died.

I flip back to CNN and see the network has not updated his status. Even without the major networks confirming, the denial slowly begins to fade. However, I am still in shock. How? Why? It all seemed so sudden. Time continues to pass and I decide to give the television a rest.

I tune in to the radio and all I hear is Michael Jackson's after song. People are calling in sharing their accounts of watching the King of Pop while growing up. One woman called in and during her story she begins to cry...then I begin to cry.

That is when I realized Michael Jackson was more than an entertainer to us...much more. This was a man accepted by people from every race and culture.

I remember watching the video premiere of Bad back in the 80s. Me, my cousins, family, and friends gathered around the t.v. at a neighbor's house that night as if a movie was coming on. When the video began to play we were taking it all in, but by the first chorus we lit up. You could just feel the energy in the other households.

Not many people have the ability to captivate audiences like Michael Jackson did, and still does, and that is why he is one of a kind.
Michael Jackson you are a true legend and we salute you.

We...never...can... say...goodbye.


yanicka said...

Thank you soo much for the compliment. means alot.. thanks for coming by the blog! too

♥Mrs. Tantra♥ said...

May he rest in peace.

nice read :)

terminal101 said...

MJ!!!! I experienced a lot of the same feelings and thoughts about his death... very tragic. Very heartbreaking!

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