Saturday, November 21, 2009

He Got a Big Ego, Such a Huge Ego

Do you know someone who relates everything, I mean everything, to themselves? Tyra Banks has done her fair share of it on her show.

You know the excessive "oh yeah, that happened to me..." or "oh, I'm like that too..." statements.

I believe most individuals have walked the fine line of confidence and arrogance at some point...

and then it wore off.

When it comes to narcissists, however, it never wears off.

There is this guy who lived in my neighborhood and went to elementary school with me. We'll call him Bryan. He was pretty quiet back then and although he was in my class and our mothers were friends we never talked to each other. Let's just say we both were shy kids. Years have passed and he is definitely not that same little boy.

He has come out of his much so it took me a while to get used to the new Bryan.

He is intelligent, driven, confident, and fun. All good traits...but over time our conversations became less about catching up and more about him.

There was the phone call about hanging out with me...I suggested we do lunch and he suggested I cook him lunch.

There was the phone call after 11:00pm where he asked what time my son went to bed. He then proceeded to tell me one of his friends let her son stay up too late and he was trying to have a conversation with her, but the child is still up running around. I am wondering WHY he is telling ME.

I started to cringe when my phone would ring.

His narcissism shows even more (apparently that is possible) on Facebook.

His status updates are along the lines of "I'm in Puerto Rico having the time of my life, don't worry I'll have fun for y'all!"


"I am traveling from coast to coast this summer. I'm so glad I was banking money before the recession hit!"

I would have to say that is not nearly as annoying as him commenting on OTHER people's statuses and making it about himself.

I have told him he is arrogant and he just laughed...I mean it is not like he can deny it.

These traits quickly overshadow the positive ones (intelligent, driven, etc.) and it is draining to be in the presence of someone who can't get enough of themselves.

**I would not be surprised if Bryan reads this (HI!). If by chance you do...remember that humility goes a long way.


J.D said... just a hater...just hate that Bryan got it going on...pffthhh...

seriously though, it is annoying...people like that usually don't last very long in my circle...

Enchantress said...

Yep, I am a hater...

I hate arrogance...

I have a question, but maybe I'll just use it as inspiration for a future post.

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