Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sex War

Sex War

Sounds of rain beating against the window pane become the soundtrack of this intimate, intricate sexual battle

I lie face down as he marks his territory, placing soft kisses on the nape of my neck

He works his way toward the small of my back, which arches as lips of velvet are pressed against creamy brown skin

He confidently slips inside

Moans indicate a pleasurable ride, reverberating as he conquers

I reposition…

Mountain peaks against sheets, ass facing the sky

He pulls me closer from behind and beats my drum until honey trickles down my thighs

Refusing to be defeated I pin him down and give him a taste of his own medicine

My lips grasp him tightly, squeezing from base to tip

Wrapping circles around his anaconda, his body, his mind

Unrelenting grips cause drops of milk to drench my blooming flower

Hearts race

My head lies against his chest

Breathlessly I manage to utter

“Are you ready for what’s next?”



Gregory said...

Ummmmm, DAMN! Mel!!! OK!!! You's a freak! LOL!

Enchantress said...


I like to call it PASSIONATE!

Anonymous said...

First time I am reading this Blog (don't know why) And I must say, I am hooked. Hopefully in 2010 you will post more.

Enchantress said...

Thank you for stopping by...I definitely have a lot more to share!

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