Monday, October 22, 2007

The Road to Locdom

I have embarked on yet another journey... locdom. I must say this is one of the best decisions I've made in my life. It is not an easy journey and it has taught me so much about myself... including how much more patient I need to be. I have maintained my hair myself from the initial twists until now, with the exception of one visit to a loctician a couple of weeks ago to make sure I was doing everything right. I have no idea if and when I will go back because that's 70 dollarsUS I can keep in my pocket and retwist myself. I wash my hair every week and let it dry in the sun if the weather's nice. If not, I towel dry it. I wash with Jamaican Mango Lime Shampoo and condition with the protein conditioner from the same line. That is pretty much it besides oiling my scalp (burgamot grease) from time to time. I know you shouldn't use any products with oil, but my scalp needs oil! When I retwist I use Jamaican Mango Lime Creme Wax. The shampoo clarifies well so I haven't had a problem with product build-up. Oh, and I spritz my scalp with water in the morning if it's itchy. I have a pretty simple routine I think. I will share some photos of my progress (none from the loctician visit) so far and keep you all posted as I emerge!

Twists: So I did these twists for my 1 year nappyversary and decided to loc with them:


Month 2: Starting to see a LOT of I'm moving right along:

Bantu Knot Out:

That's my progress up til today!


Anonymous said...

thanx for some insight into what's involved...blessings for your journey and in all you do...d'v say so!

Anonymous said...

james swizzle was here.......alliance!!

Anonymous said...

nice blog....dont mind visiting again.

good luck wit ya journey sista.....


Enchantress said...

Thanks guys. :-)

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